Amateur Radio station WZ1V in Clinton, CT FN31rh:
My new QTH is on a small 130' hilltop in the middle of Connecticut's shoreline,
25 miles east of New Haven:

( click on any image below to enlarge, scroll down for newest photos: )

Left - My original shack back in 2011. IC-7200 + SB-200 for 300W on 6M. TR-751A + TE brick for 400W on 2M. TR-851A + 8874 amp for 400W on 432. Current station photos appear farther down the page.

Right - Antennas are on telescoping mast behind house.

Left - HB aluminum telescoping mast mounted off deck, top antenna is 42 feet up, bottom antenna at 38 feet.

Right - Top antenna is a Directive Systems 6 el. yagi for 2M. Below that a PAR 6M Stressed Moxon.

These photos are after adding a Directive Systems 11 el. yagi for 432, and a fiberglass 10M whip at the very top of the mast. I'm using RFC-400UF coax for most of the runs. Each run is about 80 feet.

Left - Presently the telescoping mast supports a 10M Moxon. It's made of 8 - 6 ft sections of 0.12 in wall thickness 6061-T8 aluminum tubing mostly from DX Engineering, ranging from 3 inch to 1.25 inch OD. Using 2 foot overlap, it can extend to 34 feet above the deck.

Right - Ground rod detail. Stainless steel hose clamps are used to lash the bottom section to the deck post as well as secure sections. I slotted each section at one end using a sawz-all.

Left - The new US Tower TX-455 motorized crank-up was installed April 11, 2013 with lots of help from local hams and friends.

Right - A few weeks later I installed "test" antennas for 2M and 432.

Left - I completed installation of the new "stack" July 22, 2013 using DXE-400MAX feedlines and a 6061-T6 aluminum 1/4 inch wall mast set into a Yaesu G-800SA rotator. This was a lot of work!

Right - From the top, 2M/440 FM whip, M2 222-10EZ, 55el 1296, homebrew "FO-24" el 432, DS FO-12 2M, 50Watt 1296 transverter box, M2 6M5XHP.

Left - New 2M yagi homebrew 14 el on 24 ft boom April 3, 2015.
Right - From the top, 2M/440 FM whip, M2 222-10EZ, 55el 1296, homebrew "FO-24" el 432, 14 el 24 ft boom on 2M, 50Watt 1296 transverter box, M2 6M5XHP.

Left - View to north-west from top of tower.

Right - View to north-east from top of tower.
The horizon is only about 5 miles out in these directions, but clear of trees.

Left - View to the west from top of tower.

Right - View to south-west from top of tower.
Although the terrain drops off nicely in these directions, the view is obstructed by trees. The photos were taken with a UAV. It was determined it would take a 120 foot tower to clear all the trees (not happening).

Left - My messy shack Rev 4: FT-991A + ACOM1000 for 1KW on HF-6M. FT-991A + W6PQL SSPA for 1KW on 2M. FT-991A + LDMOS amp for 400W on 432. FT-991, xvtr + Larcan 500W SSPA on 222. FT-991 + 50W mast mounted xvtr on 1296.

Right - A closer look at the operating position.

Left - A closer look at the LDMOS amps on 2M and 432, ACOM 1000 on HF-6M, and K1WHS-built Larcan 500W SSPA on 222.

Right - My 1296 MHz mast-mounted box contains a 50 Watt DEMI transverter and 30 Amp switching power supply.

Left - My homebrew DC UPS keeps my radios up and running in the event of a power failure.

Right - If AC power drops, all loads are instantly transferred to battery.

Left - One of my operating awards.

Right - My portable 10 GHz station. 2W DEMI with TCXO and offset dish.

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